Asset Management

Grey Pear can provide you and your company with the real estate management services that you need, geared towards your requirements. Our complete asset management service provides commercial, administrative, facility, technical and investment management for your portfolio of assets.

Real Estate Management

Administrative management at Grey Pear includes, but is not limited to; invoicing, cost management, debit and credit administration for your portfolio. From our software system to you, our partners and your clients, making sure that all the critical administrative details are taken care of.

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Commercial Real Estate Management

Commercial real estate management of an asset or portfolio can be risky. Grey Pear strives to minimize this risk. From finding the right property to managing it, can take time, work and effort. Let us bear this burden for you, make the calculations, ascertain the risks involved, do the research and find out the particulars. While always keeping a grip on the day-to-day and the month-to-month management. Through our network and with our diverse and extensive partnerships we can provide you with the right property, but also with all the work needed to make sure it is a successful investment too.


Purchasing a property can be stressful. From finding the right property to ensuring that the legal and financial obligations are met, even the consideration of time and compatibility of the asset into your portfolio needs to be considered. Is it a finished asset, or does it need to be re-developed? Let us take care of the details, we will make sure you are represented and consulted every step of the way, and that the entire process is as stress free and simple as possible for you. We have the experience and knowledge needed for every step in the acquisition process. Whether your needs are singular or multiple, we would like to guide you in the search, transition and transaction period. We can even help with the project and real estate management phase of your asset(s).

A Due Diligence analysis and financial stress test can be a part of the acquisition process, let us help you acquire the perfect asset(s).


Selling a property or portfolio can be a tricky and involved process. Why not leave the hard work and worry to us. Let us find a suitable buyer for your property or portfolio of assets. Finding the right buyer in the current market can be a serious challenge and risk, however we have found that if the entire process is approached correctly, this can be minimized. Buyers presented with sound, informative and unique investment plans are likelier to purchase. Grey Pear ensures that not only is everything in order, but also that the confidence in the purchased asset is high and justified, warranting a profitable future for all parties involved.


Finding a tenant can be a stressful task, ensuring a hectic time period for you and your asset(s) and portfolio, let us make this transition period easier. With our network and years of experience across the real estate markets we are uniquely suited to letting properties of all types. Grey Pear has strived to be able to deliver knowledge and experience in multiple fields and markets; commercial  (offices), retail, residential, tourism (hotels & B&B’s), leisure (restaurants and bar’s) and industrial real estate.

Grey Pear can also advise and manage third party real estate brokers and consultants, ensuring that you are receiving the full attention and services you deserve, cutting vacancy times down to a minimum.

Facility Management

Cleaning services, security, reception desks, safety inspections, repairs, and continues maintenance are not tasks most property owners wish to be constantly preoccupied with, why not let us take over these tasks for you? Tennants and asset owners are able to notify us by mail and phone when necessary 24/7. Our facility and technical team can proactively or passively manage your assets, ensuring that your portfolio is taken care of to your standards and wishes. Yearly cost analysis and budgets, final balance invoicing, strategic maintenance plans and upgrades, revised payment plans and invoicing are just some of the facility management tasks done by our dedicated team.

Technical Management

Technical management and maintenance requires specific skills and knowledge. Does your asset have the right air-filter or conditioning system? Has the elevator been serviced properly? How up to date is the fire-suppression system? Our facility and technical management team can answer these questions for you. Let them sort out your assets’ needs.  Maintenance, service checks and controls are not only needed but also required by law, let our team worry about your assets’ particulars, they will update you on the requirements, and advise you on the best way forward.