Project Management

From renovations to complete builds, we have the experience and the knowledge to manage and guide Project Management, but more importantly complete the project. Whether you have purchased a plot of land, or an existing building in need of refurbishment, we can help you with the details and day to day management of the project, ensuring a successful completion and an asset ready to let or use.

Development Management

Our team has experience managing singular (residential) projects as well as multiple-use developments, of both small and large stature. From the design stage, to the implementation and oversight phase of the project, we can help. Keeping the project on schedule, ensuring the correct budget allocation, correct choice of materials and installations, negotiations with the municipality and the contractors and sub-contractors, let Grey Pear ensure your projects success. For smaller developments, we can supply trusted sub-contractors and builders, managing the costs at a fractional level, ensuring the best results for you.

Click the images to view the detailed versions.

Click the images to view the detailed versions.

Re-development / Renovation Management

Redeveloping a current asset, or purchasing an asset in need of upgrading or modernization can be extremely complicated. Which interior will bring in the best tenants? Where do I purchase the right materials, fixtures and fittings, all for the right price? Whom do you trust with electrical, gas, and water works? Who will manage the construction work? Who will find the right specialists for the project? The answer is simple: ‘Grey Pear’! We can guide you through the entire process, or you can let us manage the project, including you in the progression and development process. Our team has dedicated preferred suppliers and small sub-contractors who are committed to their craft and your building, whether a residential, retail or office building we can deliver your desired result.

Installation Management

Technical installations; lifts, cooling and heating installations, air purifiers, fire-suppression systems, alarms, lets be honest the list can go ‘on and on’. Which do you choose for your renovations or refit, or prior to development? How do you make the right choice? LCCA and FMECA what are these? The right tool for the right job, in this case the right advisor: ‘Grey Pear’! Based on LCCA and FMECA we can determine which installation is right for which project. Our consultants know their systems and installations, and if you wish to research other methods and installations we can help there too. Once the choice is made, the work does not stop. Correct installation and placement is just as important as advice on maintenance, and if you desire we can provide management after placement. Let us worry and sort out the little details for you.

LCCA – Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Which tool is required for which job? Which machine or installation is the right choice? Purchase price, in addition to maintenance costs and replacement expectancy? Cost and effective life cost vs time?  LCCA methodology (analysis) determines the most cost-effective option among different competing alternatives for a project.

FMECA – Failure Mode, Effect and Critical Analysis

Is a bottom-up analysis of the installation or machine, done as a part and as a whole.  What are the chances that something goes wrong or breaks down, how good are the individual parts and how good is the whole because of the chosen parts? The right machine for the right job, in the right place, working with the best parts and life cost effectiveness.