Transaction & Tender Management

Are you acquiring your first property? or are you an experienced investor? Transaction and tender processes can be fairly complicated, especially if you still have questions regarding the asset(s). Has everything been researched correctly? Are all the files corresponding to the asset(s) there? and complete? Have you thought of all the little details and pertaining facts? Why not let Grey Pear help you ensure that everything goes well, all the details and files are complete and correct. We strive to ensure that the transaction and tender process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Transaction Management

Acquiring or selling a single or multiple assets is not always a straightforward and easy task. Dynamic and fluid transaction management can be tricky, Grey Pear strives to simplify this process for you. By setting up and monitoring; the information flow, due diligence, legal, analytical and research processes, while remaining time conscience, we simplify and guide the transaction to completion. Our aim is to provide proactive problem prevention during the pre-transaction period, ensuring a smoother progression for all involved, and as quick a conclusion to the deal as possible.

Tender Management

Whether for goods and service contracts, acquiring or selling assets Grey Pear can help you with the tender process. Through notaries, silent or open bidding arrangements or with the marketing and relations work, we can help you bring your needs to the market. If you have preferred suppliers or are looking for new service providers we always recommend re-negotiation and open tenders, ensuring that you are supplied with the best cost-effective services you need. Our own suppliers, consultants and contacts would be happy to help you stay competitive and financially strong, whether participating in the tender process or just advising you, the options are there for you to enjoy the best support possible.

Negotiation Management & Support

Negotiations can be tough and tiring, we therefore provide advice and middleman services ensuring that the negotiations remain on track and you have time to think before taking action.