Financial Real Estate Solutions

Finances are the backbone of a portfolio’s existence and survival. The financial situation must be as simple and elegant as possible, no hidden agenda’s or fees should exist. Sadly this is no longer the case, most portfolios’ financing is complicated and spread amongst multiple lenders. Let Grey Pear simplify your current situation, or future investments and holdings. Acquiring financing or re-financing for a single or multiple assets, let us help, we have the experience, knowledge and contacts for the right result. Let Grey Pear help you with your financial real estate solutions, position and structure.


Are you looking for complete financing for a project, existing or in planning and development? Let us find you the right financial partner and backing. Whether in the form of private equity and investment, or through a financial loan, we have the experience and contacts to assist you. Financiers are reluctant to fund new projects or the acquisition of a new asset unless they are confident in the financial situation, structure and all the particulars. Let us worry about the details and help you attain the financial backing and investment you need to move forward and grow.


Do you need to restructure your current financial position? Would you like to stay with your current financial provider or would you like to move to a new financier or institution? Is it the intention to bring all of your loans under one financial package? Or are you looking to re-establish the interest rates charged to you for your portfolio or assets? Let Grey Pear find your new financial provider or renegotiate with your current one, we are experienced in both restructuring financial services and in pitching real estate assets and projects to financial institutions and investment companies.

Equity Funding

Debt vs equity has been discussed and debated strenuously, the conclusion is: there no general ‘right’ answer. Your company may benefit from one form of financing over the other, equity funding instead of a debt loan. Why not let Grey Pear find you the right financial partner for a cash injection? A venture capitalist or private investor who is willing to invest with a long-term view, with favourable covenants for both parties.

Debt & Equity Blended Finance

A blend of debt and equity financing may also be the answer for your company or project, let us at Grey Pear present our advice and vision of your needs, you can then decide on the best course of action for your requirements.

Investment in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a time honoured tradition, making the right investment however is not always an easy decision. A renovation project vs a complete new build? Which is the safe and sure option for you? A completed asset fully occupied or one still needing tenants, risks have to be calculated and weighed, what are the costs compared to the values and returns? Grey Pear has experience investing in multiple real estate markets internationally and domestically. Development and re-development projects are a familiar setting for us, let us guide and advise you in your investments and future.

Complete investment services and investment management is also an option. We will find and detail the entire investment opportunity for you. Without effort on your part we can find you the perfect project or asset to purchase or invest in. Grey Pear will; find the asset or project for you, detail the involved risks and benefits, provide an investment plan, and manage the transaction process. If you would like project management after the transaction for development or re-development we would happily provide these services too.