Research & Analysis

Are you expanding your asset holdings, or entering into a new or unknown market or venture? Let Grey Pear sort out the particulars for you, by providing relevant and up-to date data and analysis pertaining to the risks of your acquisition or venture, you can make an informed decision. With our partners and years of real estate experience we feel confident that we can cover your needs, exposing and illustrating the weaknesses and strengths of any deal or market in which you would like to expand or even decrease your holdings. This can be as easy as a short investment or market summary or as complicated as an extended appraisal detailing all the needed particulars and market information, with comparables and multiple relevant scenarios. Grey Pear provides a fullĀ Research & Analysis of your Real Estate portfolio.


Have you been thinking of purchasing a new property or portfolio of assets? Or would you like to know what the current market value is of your asset(s)? We can help you with the financial calculations and market particulars. Grey Pear will not only provide you with the figures, we will also provide you with a strategic plan to enhance the value of your asset(s).