ImPRESs with Orange Pear!

Do you still use Excel for keeping track of your (private) real estate income and expenditures? How would you like to be able to oversee your Real Estate at a glance? To be able to act quickly and easily react to non-paying renters, maintenance requests and much, much more?

Below is a partial list of functionality for the Orange Pear Real Estate System. New functions are added monthly, with no added subscription. No difficult module system and transparent pricing.

  • Debtor management

    Get an overview of your debtors. Send invoice reminders after the payment deadline and use Orange Pear as a tool to optimize your cash flow.

  • Contract management

    Get an overview of your tenants and their lease conditions. Never lose a signed contract by storing the scanned document in the cloud and save contacts including their roles and contact information.

  • (Automatic) billing

    Send your invoices automatically or manually. Do you use multiple companies within your portfolio? Orange Pear allows you to add invoice aliases per owner from which the invoices are sent. Use your own invoice numbering.

    Send reminders for unpaid invoices whenever it suits you.

  • Adjustments and indexing

    Unforeseen circumstances may force you to revise existing lease agreements. You may choose an (additional) month rent free or a reduction in monthly rent. With Orange Pear it is possible to change the terms of lease agreements while they are active. Also, the annual indexing of lease agreements is facilitated.

  • Statistics

    Orange Pear allows you to see advanced statistics at various levels in real-time. For example, users have access to the weighted average remaining length of existing lease agreements (WALR) and the total revenue of lease agreements in a property or portfolio.

  • Alerts

    Receive notifications when contracts expire or need to be indexed.

  • Give discounts flexibily

    Be flexible in giving discounts. Every term in the whole lease agreement can be discounted which is processed automatically in invoicing and statistics.

  • Dashboard

    The Orange Pear dashboard offers insight into outstanding invoices and the indexing/experations of lease agreements. From the dashboard, users can act quickly to ensure the continuity and optimization of your revenue streams.